Testimonials of the Astrostory

Hello, thank you very much for the analysis. I'm shocked: I probably haven't been exposed to the core like this before, it sure fits, until it really shocked me and I had to grab my nose... When I have more time, I want to sit down and go through it in detail and make an action plan and at the same time somehow put it together in my head. It explains a lot. The fact that I morbidly love my freedom and space, I have a problem with family life (internally) and my limitations, and I blame myself for being a woman, because I consider it a form of enslavement, etc.…yes, yes, exactly… (and there is nothing wrong with life, on the contrary) well, there is something to work on and something to think about. Thank you very much, extremely valuable for me… Regards Amanda
Hello, Mrs.Bittner thank you very much for the Astrostory, I do not know how it is possible but everything is true. Now it's up to me on how I deal with it. Thanks again for everything and wishing you many other satisfied customers. Sincerely, Nicholas Bryant
Nicholas BryantAstrostory
Hello, Mrs. Miri, thank you for the individual Astrostory. It incredibly accurately describes what I am like sending a chill down my spine, how accurate everything is. I read it, I go back, I think about myself. Thank you, it opened my eyes a lot and I'm glad that I now know what to look out for, what to avoid and how to move on in my life to make it right. Sincerely, Kevin Dean
Kevin DeanAstrostory
Hello Mrs. Bittner, thank you for creating the Astrostory, but wow you shocked me. I had to absorb it myself and how incredibly true. Unfortunately, I found myself in all sides and variants and at the moment I do not know how to work with it. Of course, I know that it's up to me whether it will be a successful or unsuccessful variant in life, but it's damn hard. I'm sorry, but then I succeeded!!!! It's a hell of a thing!!! 16 pages, wow!!!!!!! So far, I have read it only once, but a lot of information really relates, I will have to immerse into myself more. Thanks a lot, you are truly awesome!!! I will definitely contact you and write more. Beautiful evening and much health, Andrea Beck.
Andrea BeckAstrostory