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Hi Miri. I finally got the astrostories yesterday, thank you. Im blown away by your accuracy. I have been attracted to astrology the past year and have already gotten some eye openers about myself, but the way you described it so precise and yet so easy is amazing. There was also some things that I never realized about myself in here too that made me reflect even more. I was like " Hmm is that me ? Oh yes that is totally me" after som reflections. I love that you are not using astrological words because that can often be too much for people in general to grasp. The astrostory about my boyfriend was also shockingly accurate. You described his life and personality so well. The things that I have felt about him is things I have had problems with finding the right words to describe him/his actions with. Now that Christmas is over, im waiting for the right time to give it to him - where he hopefully can read this with an open mind and get new tools and understanding about himself. I will definately buy more astrostories for the birthdays of my friends and family the upcomming year. Thank you Amina
Hello Miri, Thank you so much for sending the Astrostory. I read it. And know I will read it over again a few times. 😊 It was very interesting to read both the positive and negative parts of the different categories. I recognize lots of things about my nature and how I react to certain things. Good and bad. When it comes to love, it’s only since I have been in the relationship with my partner of 8 years, that I notice sometimes my dark sides coming out. I never had that with previous partners. The thing is, that he brings it out in me. I don’t want to blame him here, since I’m responsible for my own reactions. But he has a way of pushing me sometimes to a place that I don’t like about me. Hence the reason I sometimes ask myself if he is the right man for me… At the moment I feel a little stuck when it comes to work and money. The reason I ordered a Astrostory was to get a better inside and direction on how to move forward in that. But I did not get any wiser with that. But all in all, I thank you for taking your time to write such a thorough and long Astrostory. It helps me on where to focus on and what to be careful with. Thank you so much. Kind regards, Alexia L.
Alexia L.Astrostory
Thank you Miri for the detailed reading, very insightful. I can relate to many things described in the document and am sure that I will learn more and more as I come back to it. Have a great day! Kind Regards Prakash
Hello, Ms. Bittner, I'd like to thank you for the Astrostory I was entertained and the analyse was spot on and perfectly written. I am a psychologist 🙂 so self -knowledge amongst other things are part of my job description 🙂 Thank you again, it was great!!!! Have a good day. PhDr. Jane Guilder
PhDr. Jane GuilderAstrostory
Hello, thank you very much for the detailed analysis, I found the time to read it last night. I'm really convinced that this is a lifelong gift. I think that my daughter will find a piece of herself in it now, which we needed, and other fragments of her will fit into the mosaic gradually, as newer and newer challenges will arise before her. Reading it as a parent was very instructive, and I'm glad it confirmed to me that my intuitive approach to raising and leading offspring was the right one. Thank you again and I wish you a beautiful autumn. Rachel Parker
Rachel ParkerAstrostory
Hallo liebe Mirke! Vielen lieben Dank für das außergewöhnliche Astrostory! Wir haben sehr viel Freude damit und finden viele Parallelen die wirklich so sind. Es ist wirklich außergewöhnlich.... Danke auch für die schnelle Ausführung und sorry für die Ungeduld Alenka Kos
Alenka Kos (Austria)Astrostory
Hello, thank you for the most detailed and apt analysis of my personality. I bow to you because there are dark secluded nooks of my personality which are discussed in the Astrostory that I try to deal with and so be more pleased with myself so that even my closest ones are spared my moods. I am very complicated and sometimes I feel like I don't belong in this world. Every day I deal with inner demons, I have my world and I like to be alone. I have had to read the Astrostory several times, to clarify the context, to slowly break down the negative in me. You are definitely a great asset to me and I thank you for that.... Crystal Dunn
Crystal DunnAstrostory
Hello Miri, I am very sorry that I am writing only now. Your Astrostory, which I received, was very surprising for me in some paragraphs. It took my breath away at times as you aptly described my positive and negative qualities. It felt like you knew me. The feelings and thoughts I often have are written on paper to make me aware of them. Thanks to you, I have found that I have to change many things. I will return to my Astrostory several more times in my lifetime. You answered all my questions. I found out who I really am and what I need to change. All people who want to find out who they really are, need to find a way to their crossroads, and determine which direction to take, should turn to you and have a personally tailored Astrostory created. They will get ahead of so many of the problems and tribulations that I went through. What is constantly repeated in a person's life is not a coincidence.... Thank you very much and I wish you many more satisfied customers. Mary
Hello, your analysis of my personality really FITS ME PERFECTLY! Justin B.
Justin B.Astrostory
Hallo liebe Miri Vielen Dank für deine Analyse, Ich war sehr erstaunt wie treffend und genau du mich beschrieben hast Jetzt muss ich alles genau auswerten Ich denke damit kann ich erfolgreich arbeiten Dank für deine Arbeit ,Mühe,Vorschläge und Empfehlungen Die Analyse hab ich mehrmals gelesen und ziehe sie immer wieder zu Rate Liebe Grüße Joachim S.
Joachim S. (Germany)Astrostory
Hello Mrs. Bittner, thank you very much for the Astrostory. I am really pleased that I found a lot of answers in it and also a lot of things to think about. You are a true professional and I must say that the analysis fits exactly. Thank you very much again, and I will probably soon request an analysis of my children. Have a lovely day, Peggy
Thank you. It took me a long time to "bite into" your analysis. It is very accurate. I found myself both in positive and negative aspects. I never knew how others viewed me. Those closest to me at home, my colleagues, etc. Thank you, I will have to reread it often and try to improve myself. R.S
Hello Miri, so I successfully worked my way through it. It's amazing, I must admit, but I also recognise myself a lot in the unsuccessful variants, which is probably based on my lack of self-confidence and self-love, followed by too much self-criticism and judging of myself and others. Sometimes to the point that I feel like my brain is overheating. Thank you very much and I wish you calm days, Talisa Green
Talisa GreenAstrostory
Hello Mrs. Bittner, thank you very much for your precise Astrostory. I honestly have to say (write) that it completely exceeded my expectations. An impeccable piece of work and if I had a hat, I would bow in front of you, because your work is admirable and breath-taking. How can you know me like that when I don't know myself that well? It can be seen that you have read me perfectly and thanks to you I learnt a lot about myself, even those that do not listen (read) very well, yet it is still me and for that you deserve a big THANK YOU. I read the Astrostory in almost one breath, and I'm determined starting today to change some things about myself. Honestly, one probably needs to see it in black and white in order to really realize some things and, most importantly, finally start solving them and not keep putting them off indefinitely. Thank you so much again, you are INCREDIBLE! Thank you very much for your offer regarding Astrostory's for partners, but at the moment I do not have a partner, so I cannot use it even if I would like.... How long is this offer valid? Does it have a limited validity period? Thank you for your reply. I wish you a wonderful rest of the day and the upcoming weekend, as well as many satisfied clients, although I believe that you are not in need of them. Last but not least, I would like not only to wish you good health in this unpleasant world situation. By thinking optimistically, we can overcome everything together. With much gratitude, Pamela Pierce
Pamela PierceAstrostory
Hello and thank you. I didn't expect anything, I was just interested. As you know, I am not a person who gets lured into the opinions of others :). I've been thinking a lot about myself lately and I think I've got it pretty straightened out in my head... I can proudly state that except for the "realisation of ambitions" I am going in all the right directions (it never used to be, this has come with age, thus I can also judge the truth of wrong options). That realization is a mess I am facing now and together with the fact that my current long-term relationship has ceased to give me joy in life, the new situations and goals that you talk about in the second point... So, if I have to give you feedback, then I can only write THAT IT IS BRUTALLY TRUE. From beginning to end. Thank you, Alexandra
Hello, Mrs.Bittner thank you very much for the Astrostory, I do not know how it is possible but everything is true. Now it's up to me on how I deal with it. Thanks again for everything and wishing you many other satisfied customers. Sincerely, Nicholas Bryant
Nicholas BryantAstrostory
Hello, thank you for the Astrostory. I have to say that you are exact. I am very happy that it is written in the form of my type of personality and how I can possibly develop. I was very afraid that it would be written in the style of "what awaits me and what should I do", I really would not want to know. For me, it's so up and down, somewhere in the positive, somewhere in the negative and often a little from every bit, but I was definitely different at 20 years of age than today, I've already filed down the sharp edges a lot. And another of my findings - I actually subconsciously knew what I wanted to change for me, yet you put it so beautifully on paper, but it's just a long path to keep up with it all. Thank you very much again and I wish you a happy life. With regards, Cleotha Jordan
Cleotha JordanAstrostory
Hello Mrs. Bittner, thank you for drawing up my Astrostory. I received a tip about you from a colleague at work who is also interested in "things between heaven and earth" and is of a similar nature to me. Sometimes, just out of curiosity, I considered visiting a fortune teller, but I was never very convinced of the result, and to tell the truth, even though they were recommended, I was afraid to look to the future. My colleague Amy is deeply interested in similar things. I consulted with her who I should address as she has the Astrostory from you, so she recommended you to me. I read the Astrostory in parts, to read it all at once is huge to digest... It felt like you knew me throughout various life situations and attitudes. I return to reading it during quiet moments and there is still always something to think about. The successful will delight with and encourage continuation, the unsuccessful will set up a mirror, recalling unpleasant moments and thus lead to change. I wish you all the best, good luck! Sincerely, Julie Lawson
Julie LawsonAstrostory
Dear Mrs. Miri, thank you very much for a very concise analysis! I'd say it fits 90%. I admire your work precision. Thank you very much for your beautiful words that you wrote to me! I really appreciate it and I will try to apply your valuable advice in my life. Thank you very much once again for everything and I wish you a lot of success in your work! Have a nice day, Regina B.
Regina B.Astrostory
Hello, Mrs. Miri, thank you for the individual Astrostory. It incredibly accurately describes what I am like sending a chill down my spine, how accurate everything is. I read it, I go back, I think about myself. Thank you, it opened my eyes a lot and I'm glad that I now know what to look out for, what to avoid and how to move on in my life to make it right. Sincerely, Kevin Dean
Kevin DeanAstrostory
Hello, wow I really have no words. I don't understand how it can be so perfectly accurate! Hat off to you, keep it up. This would also be an interesting gift for someone. I just want to ask, what can I do now that I have instructions for my life? Focus and improve on those successful options? Tidy up subconscious patterns and still continue in my personal development? Thank you and definitely don't stop, I'm sure you're close to something big, Jeniffer
Hallo Frau Bittner! Ganz herzlichen Dank für die schnelle Erstellung dieses unglaublich verblüffenden Astrostory für meine Tochter. Ich bin total erstaunt wie sehr das was darin zu lesen ist zutrifft... wenn ich bisher nicht an Astrostory geglaubt hätte- jetzt würde ich das tun! Ich werde in Kürze auch noch ein Astrostory für meine andere Tochter von Ihnen erstellen lassen. Wirklich sehr erstaunlich und ein grosses Aha-Erlebnis,,,. Viele liebe Grüsse Claudia Beaury
Claudia Beaury (Germany)Astrostory
Hello, thank you for creating my fully individual Astrostory. Thanks to this, I understand why I can't solve some things in my life or, conversely, why I solve some things in different ways that could be more effective. It has now helped me immensely to make better decisions in certain life situations. Nicole Ekrt
Nicole EkrtAstrostory
Good evening, dear Mrs. Miri, thank you very much for the Astrostory sent. Although you have never seen me in your life, you "read" me exactly. Thank you very much and I wish you all the best Kelly Jensen
Kelly JensenAstrostory
Hello, thank you for the Astrostory, I just finished reading it now. I would have to say it relates 95% maybe even more. In time I may also request the Astrostory for my partner. Many thanks, Irina I.
Irina I.Astrostory
Dear Mrs.Bittner, thank you for sending the analysis so promptly. Yes, the analysis from you is composed completely differently than classic horoscopes. One understands it better and finds it easier to orientate oneself in it. It confirmed to me what I know about myself. There are also things written regarding unsuccessful options, which I have solved to date. I think it describes me 90%. Sincerely, Adam Beck
Adam BeckAstrostory
Hello Miri, thank you very much for the sent Astrostory. I recognise myself within it very accurately. Due to advanced age I see that I unknowingly transformed my assumptions into positives in the vast majority, however, I studied the negative variants with great interest, because there I recognise my reactions in crisis situations. It was definitely extremely enlightening and useful for me to read what triggers are. Thank you once again, best regards, T.
Hello, thank you very much for the extensive, clearly written analysis, I really enjoyed it and I often found myself in it. Thank you, Kimberly Douglas.
Kimberly DouglasAstrostory
Liebe Miri, ganz vielen Dank für das tolle Astrostory! Es ist genial, wie Du mich erkannt hast 🙂 und es ist sehr toll für mich zu lesen, dass ich "richtig" bin in meinen Entscheidungen und dem was ich tue.. und vor allem auch zu lesen von der "ungelungenen Variante", in die ich ab und zu mal tappe, mich dann aber schnell wieder daraus befreie. Trotzdem war ich oft am Zweifeln ob ich richtig handele, gerade wegen meines großen Freiheitsbedürfnisses und dem trotzdem vorhandenen Wille einer Beziehung. Danke dafür..denn jetzt weiß ich ganz genau, dass es sich lohnt auf denjenigen zu warten, der mein großes Freiheitsbedürfnis tolerieren kann. VG. Daniela
Daniela (Germany)Astrostory
Hello, thank you for the interpretation, it helped me to clarify a lot of things. Best regards, Leffler.
Hello Mrs. Bittner, thank you very much for your precisely created Astrostory. I see myself in almost everything and I believe that thanks to you I can change a lot of things for the better. Thank you very much once again and I wish you many satisfied clients. Have a nice day! John Norman
John NormanAstrostory
Miri, I greet you warmly. Thank you for the Astrostory. I have to pay great tribute to you, because the information contained in your analysis really fits, so much so that a person freezes. One sees oneself as in a mirror, and when reading the text, there are also various associations where one imagines specific situations one has experienced. Sincerely, Camila S.
Camila S.Astrostory
Good evening, Mrs. Miri, Thank you very much for your feedback. I really appreciate your opinion, advice and experience sharing. It definitely helped me a lot. You gave me hope that I could have a nice relationship with the right man for me, if I know exactly what I want him to have. These are your words: "A relationship is about compromise, but these compromises should not be reminiscent of hard work. Once a relationship is hard work, it is a sign that it is not a good relationship with a good perspective for the future." I will keep this in mind from now on. I firmly hope that you have exactly the partner and relationship you want... and if not, I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will work out as soon as possible. Best regards and best wishes for 2020, Lucy Pena.
Lucy PenaAstrostory
Hello, I read the analysis prior and it is surprising how you managed to so accurately capture me. Many times, a person does one not want to admit to some things, but if someone else points out the things, you can't close your eyes to that. I read it again yesterday and even used some passages with permission in my cover letter when looking for a new job, sometimes I have trouble finding the right words. I'm sorry the feedback didn't come earlier. Thank you for everything and have a nice day. David Chavez
David ChavezAstrostory
Dear Miri, I would like to thank you for the perfectly in-depth Astrostorys, in each sentence I was immediately shown situations where and how we react to.... How have we moved forward and mastered which behaviors and experiences still persist.... Every day you can look into your interpretation and rationalize situations that have occurred and how to react.... I have a lot of personally tailored horoscopes from leading astrologers and yours is among the top. Thanks again and good luck and may you be happy. With regards, Zoey Holt
Zoey HoltAstrostory
Hello, I'm sending the feedback a little late, for which I truly apologize. I didn't do it right away and then I completely forgot about it. Thank you very much for the Astrostory, it is unbelievable how the information in it is true and so fitting of me. As a result, I realized many of my other weaknesses, or I admitted to them so that I could work on improving myself. Once again thank you. Sincerely W. Fox
W. FoxAstrostory
Hello, thank you very much for the Astrostory. You hit the nail on the head with almost everything and I have something to work on. Especially now it is helping me to try and get along with a colleague who is the exact opposite and very negative. I know that I will not alter it in any way and I have to accept it as it is, but so far, I am not very good at it. Thank you very much again for making the rest of my day beautiful. Abigail
Hello, I must thank you in advance for such a detailed "documentation" of my life. I keep rereading the Astrostory and I don't understand how you nailed it. There are such things, points that I have never even said out loud, but are there in the subconscious and I know about them. First of all, I must say that in all five basic areas it seems to me that in my nature there were initially (when I was young) rather those unsuccessful variants. And of course, those unsuccessful elements are still there. But the older I get, it seems to me that through experience, people, what I'm going to go through and I don't know what else it is that affects me, that I get rid of the negatives and move to better, positive planes. I guess it's just experience and it all tells me that this is a good thing, and by manners and character, I'm probably heading in the right direction. I just feel that way after reading it. It's weird and I observe how a person is learning their whole life. And although I have a view that a person is basically good, in my head, I probably had it right in my heart, but then the actions and how I behaved, acted, were wrong...... and I think that it also comes from the fact that I have a lower self-confidence, that all my life I have a feeling that others are actually better. Also, the fact that I didn't tell people the truth to their face and was afraid... and still don't know from what... I applied a lot to myself...... and it's true that at the beginning of my current relationship I couldn't.... and I was hurt in a lot of things because the response was not what I expected......My children helped and taught me a lot. Now it is so that my heart is hardened from being in a partnership. We both learned a lot from each other and changed. But I can no longer accept from him the positive that I have always wanted. Now I don't even know what I would want from my current partner, or when I think if I were to have someone else, then what do I really want from my partner. And actually, how to proceed. That was also one of the reasons why I had the Astrostory created by you. And for this I thank you very much. Have beautiful days, Jesicca Spencer
Jessica SpencerAstrostory
Hello Mrs. Bittner, thank you very much for sending my personal analysis. Since I am interested in the field of astrology, I was very much looking forward to the analysis. After reading it, I was literally shocked at what can be read about somebody from just their place and date of birth. I must say that 95% of it fits me as a person, and in some passages, it fits 100%! The analysis helped me to understand myself and the way I act in certain situations. Sometimes I don't understand myself, which was the initial impulse to address you. I certainly do not regret the decision, as I will be able to return to it repeatedly and learn from it. I wish you many satisfied clients! Have a nice day, Michael Chris
Michael ChrisAstrostory
Hello, thank you very much for the analysis. I'm shocked: I probably haven't been exposed to the core like this before, it sure fits, until it really shocked me and I had to grab my nose...until now I have felt like such a bitch" well, I have. When I have more time, I want to sit down and go through it in detail and make an action plan and at the same time somehow put it together in my head. It explains a lot. The fact that I morbidly love my freedom and space, I have a problem with family life (internally) and my limitations, and I blame myself for being a woman, because I consider it a form of enslavement, etc.…yes, yes, exactly… (and there is nothing wrong with life, on the contrary) well, there is something to work on and something to think about. Thank you very much, extremely valuable for me… Regards Amanda
Hello, thank you very much for the Astrostory. I like your concept of our personality consisting of - successful variant versus unsuccessful variant. When reading the passages regarding our nature and the successful variant, I thought to myself "Yes, I would like to be like that and maybe I could be!". Unfortunately, I was also in unsuccessful variants, which dominate mainly during our worst periods in life. There is always room for improvement. Great job! Thank you. Sincerely, Taylor Powell
Taylor PowellAstrostory
Sehr geehrte Frau Bittner, vielen Dank für die schnelle Zusendung. Ich hatte vor zwei Jahren schon mal ein Astrostory für mich erarbeiten lassen. Das musste ich erstmal liegen lassen. Dieses Jahr im März hatte ich es mir nochmal durchgelesen und da fand es sehr stimmig und habe es auch erst richtig verstanden. Vermutlich weil ich erst dann beide Sichtweisen nachempfinden konnte. Somit bin ich sehr gespannt auf das Astrostory von heute. 🙂 Viele Grüße und bleiben Sie gesund, Anne Huster
Anne Huster (Germany)Astrostory
Hello, thank you for an amazing job. It describes me exactly ... in many cases, I laughed at how precisely you described me. I read it with interest and in almost one breath. To take it all in, I'll read it more than once. Thank you again and may you have beautiful summer days. Sincerely, Madison King
Madison KingAstrostrory
Hello, I read your Astrostory. I really don't know how to write it exactly - astonished and surprised I am getting to know myself. I will definitely work with it, because you can read it over and over all the time and I know that I will find something new every time that will interest me. Many thanks Emma Davis
Emma DavisAstrostory
Hello Mrs. Bittner, thank you for creating the Astrostory, but wow you shocked me. I had to absorb it myself and how incredibly true. Unfortunately, I found myself in all sides and variants and at the moment I do not know how to work with it. Of course, I know that it's up to me whether it will be a successful or unsuccessful variant in life, but it's damn hard. With best wishes, Andrea Beck. I'm sorry, but then I succeeded!!!! It's a hell of a thing!!! 16 pages, wow!!!!!!! So far, I have read it only once, but a lot of information really relates, I will have to immerse into myself more. Thanks a lot, you are truly awesome!!! I will definitely contact you and write more. Beautiful evening and much health, Andrea Beck.
Andrea Beck.Astrostory
Guten Morgen Frau Bittner, Vielen Lieben Dank für das tolle Astrostory. Während des Lesens hab ich mich selbst wieder erkannt in gelungenen und nicht gelungenen Form. Ich sag ja manchmal auch ICH bin ICH und das ist gut so. Schöne Grüße, Edita Geier
Edita Geier (Austria)Astrostory
Hello Miri, thank you for the Astrostory. You are right when you say that your Astrostory will open my eyes in many ways. I haven't had time to read it in detail since receiving it yesterday, and I think I'll come back to it often, but even so I have realized many things. My main motive to have the Astrostory created for myself.... even though I am fascinated by astrology.... was mainly on a relational level. I have been alone for 10 years looking for answers to why this is so, what am I expecting, and how and why do I behave the way I do. You accurately captured what I was feeling, but I didn't know how to handle it all properly. Thank you and have a lovely summer day! A. Medina
A. MedinaAstrostory