Your Ideal Partner

There's a big difference between who you want and who you need...

For whom is the calculation of an ideal partner suitable:

You are constantly stumbling from one failed relationship to another and failing to find a suitable partner for a long-term relationship. An individual Ideal Partner Analysis can change that forever!

What it will bring you?

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    You will get three specific dates of potential partners with whom you should find it easy and harmonious to interact
    According to your astrological radix, your preferences by age, three birth dates of a potential, ideal partner with whom you have a chance to build a mutually fulfilling, long-term relationship will be calculated and determined. The analysis will be based on your intrinsic needs according to Astropsychology, which will be in line with the intrinsic needs of potential partners - on a conscious, subconscious, rational, emotional level. The resulting congruence will be in excess of a MINIMUM OF 80%. And that's not all...! The analysis is also based on your full conscious individual needs to the degree of intellectual, mental, emotional or sexual connection. You will also receive a graphical evaluation of your level of understanding, and a verbal evaluation of your partners - their temperament rating.
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    A range of at least three birth date periods of potential partners
    You will receive three birth date ranges of potential partners, in which you will find the best - suitable partners for you, so that you do not have to fumble your way through life anymore. These birth date ranges will reveal to you those partners with whom you can build a relatively satisfying, long-term relationship. The resulting congruence will be at least in excess of the minimum 70%. Over the course of my life, and especially the last twelve years, I have drawn up thousands of partnership horoscopes. My success rate in calculating the mutual suitability of partners is 98%. In calculating the ideal partner, one does not only take into account the shockingly generalized sun signs as presented by many magazines, but all the planets and many other things that portray a person's character...

I'll gladly help you!


During my life, I have created thousands of unique Astrostories. My success rate in calculating the mutual suitability of partners is 98%. The ideal partner does not consider the general signs of the sun, as many magazines present. But ALL the planets and much more that depicts the psychological character...

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More information

  • To prepare it is necessary to know:
    Your gender, your birth date and time (if you know it), and your place of birth. Even without the time of birth, the analysis quality will not suffer.
  • Shipment Method
    It will be sent to you via email upon receipt of payment and the data necessary to produce it and depending on your selected urgency.