Astrostory - A unique lifetime personal horoscope

Miri Bittner


I'm Miri Bittner -  Astropsychology Specialist and the founder and creator of the extraordinary lifetime horoscope called "Astrostory", which will improve your well-being in life and relationships...

I have more than 26 years of experience with Astropsychology, 13 years on the market, more than 16,000 Astrostories, over 37,000 followers worldwide

The Astrostory's diversity has already helped thousands - business professionals, artists, politicians, and others from many walks of life worldwide. I studied at the University of Maryland Global Campus - CBT Therapy.

How does Astrostory differ from other types of horoscopes?

It will help you understand the needs of your soul and answer what harmonizes with it or vice versa the cause of your pain of rejection and threat. It will describe the causes of the complexity of your character, and behavior, and how these ailments are directly affected in everyday reality and affect your present and future.

It will show where you are your own worst enemy and what you need to do to become your most beloved friend, your own support, your own driving force, what lives and enjoy life, not only survive.

It will reveal all deep needs on a psychological level as well as weaknesses, the potential for personal development, and secret desires. It will guide you on how to become a confident creator of your life in all areas where your psyche and attitude intervene.

Astrostory - testimonials

Hello, thank you for an amazing job. It describes me exactly ... in many cases, I laughed at how precisely you described me. I read it with interest and in almost one breath. To take it all in, I'll read it more than once. Thank you again and may you have beautiful summer days. Sincerely, Madison King
Madison KingAstrostory
Hello Mrs. Bittner, thank you very much for your precisely created Astrostory. I see myself in almost everything and I believe that thanks to you I can change a lot of things for the better. Thank you very much once again and I wish you many satisfied clients. Have a nice day! John Norman
John NormanAstrostory

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Why Astrostory

  • 1
    It will bring you knowledge of who you really are and why you are hurting yourself
    It brings knowledge of who you really are, regardless of your walk of life. It will provide answers on why you may be hurting yourself and why you drive others away. In all areas, it will reveal the goals you should work on to improve your life, achieve personal fulfilment and happiness.
  • 2
    Your extraordinary Astrostory opens your eyes and provides a solution
    You will see yourself from a different perspective. Get insight into your personality, psyche, potential, real desires and needs. Such knowledge through your Astrostory opens your eyes, provides solutions, inspires and helps to improve your life.
  • 3
    Astrostory is for your whole life
    This extraordinary personal Astrostory will not draw up information for one month, but you can use it to guide you throughout your life. Your Astrostory is suitable from the age of 15 years. It is not a foresight or clairvoyance. This extraordinary lifetime horoscope - Astrostory is written in English.
  • 4
    It contains a lot of beneficial information
    It will analyze your consciousness, subconscious, rationality, emotionality and your side of self-realization. It will reveal your innate dispositions, established habits, potential, needs, values, attitudes, priorities and wishes.
  • 5
    It will provide true knowledge of others you care about
    You can have an extraordinary lifetime horoscope - Astrostory prepared not only for yourself, but also for those closest to you who are interested in the above information.
  • 6
    Money back guarantee
    I provide 3 guarantees regarding quality and satisfaction.

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More information

  • To prepare your unique lifetime horoscope - Astrostory it is necessary to know:
    Your gender, your birth date and time (if you know it), and your place of birth. Even without the time of birth, the analysis quality will not suffer.
  • Length of your Astrostory
    The length is guaranteed to be within the range of 12 - 20 pages.
  • Shipment Method
    Your extraordinary lifetime horoscope - Astrostory will be sent to you via email upon receipt of payment and the data necessary to produce it and depending on your selected urgency.
  • For how long is your Astrostory valid
    The extraordinary lifetime horoscope - Astrostrory is valid for life. It is not about predicting the future but about analyzing a person whose potential and boundaries can be accurately analyzed through Astropsychology. This individualized Astrostory is written in the English language. Astrological terminology, radix, is not used in the Astrostory.

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