I provide the following guarantees to all clients

Guarantee Terms:

1. guarantee

You will receive an extraordinary horoscope - your Astrostory, which you will not find or read anywhere else. If you find the exact text anywhere else, then please send it to me and I will refund your money.

2. guarantee

Your Astrostory will consist of a minimum of 12 pages. If it doesn't, I'll refund your money.


I will provide a description on how Astropsychology (Psychological Astrology) can guide your personality and its potential. If not, your money will be refunded immediately.


Hello, I was really looking forward to receiving the Astrostory and I have to admit, it fulfilled my expectations. It was quite a shock to me how it was worked out, but it's perfectly accurate and in both successful and unsuccessful variants in my life. You changed my view of astrology. I wish you much success in the future and thank you for the creation of my Astrostory. Angela Price
Angela PriceAstrostory
Hello Mrs. Bittner, thank you very much for the Astrostory. I am really pleased that I found a lot of answers in it and also a lot of things to think about. You are a true professional and I must say that the analysis fits exactly. Thank you very much again, and I will probably soon request an analysis of my children. Have a lovely day, Peggy