If you were to leave this world in 5 years, would you want to live as you do now?

Are you constantly stumbling from one failed relationship to another? An individual Ideal Partner Analysis can change that forever!


I'm Miri Bittner -  Astropsychology Specialist and the founder and creator of the extraordinary lifetime horoscope called "Astrostory", which will improve your well-being in life and relationships...

I have more than 25 years of experience with Astropsychology, 12 years on the market, more than 16,000 Astrostories, over 37,000 followers worldwide

The Astrostory's diversity has already helped thousands - business professionals, artists, politicians, and others from many walks of life worldwide. I studied at the University of Maryland Global Campus - CBT Therapy.

It is a matter of personal and professional pride for me to help every client and guarantee the best possible service

Avoid relationship failures!

Your Ideal Partner

According to your astrological radix, your preferences by age, three birth dates of a potential, ideal partner with whom you have a chance to build a mutually fulfilling, long-term relationship will be calculated and determined. The resulting congruence will be in excess of a minimum of 80%

Your Astrostory will reveal all negative behaviour patterns that are ruining your life and relationships and show you how to avoid them

Do you not understand yourself or your loved ones? Are your relationships failing?

Your Astrostory will convey a deep, true understanding of yourself and others. It will guide you on how to improve your relationships with others.

Do you not know where you're headed or you are simply not enjoying anything in your life?

Your Astrostory will reveal your new goals, life direction and purpose. It will bring inspiration, motivation, solutions to improve your life or relationships in an insightful way.

Are you unhappy, success is eluding you and you don't know why?

Your Astrostory will name actual obstacles and problems, past, present and future, and explain their cause. It will provide an insight into who you really are and how and what you are harming yourself with. It will help you with self-acceptance and self-love.

Do you not know your potential, your qualities, are you afraid to live your life to the fullest?

Your Astrostory will describe your hidden potential in all spheres of your personality. It will reveal your innate dispositions, inbuilt habits, potential, needs, values, attitudes, priorities and desires.

Thanks to Astrostory - a unique horoscope, the truth about yourself and others will be discovered instantly in layman's terms

Extraordinary Astrostory - a unique lifetime horoscope, find the real you and change your life!

The Astrostory will protect you for whole your life from bad decisions by showing you the right direction to your happiness without compromises

What my client says about the Astrostory -  Video testimonial

I have received many positive testimonials from clients

Hello, Ms. Bittner, I'd like to thank you for the Astrostory. I was entertained and the analysis was spot-on and perfectly written. I am a psychologist 🙂 so self-knowledge, amongst other things, is part of my job description 🙂 Thank you again, it was great!!!! Have a good day. PhDr. Jane Guilder
PhDr. Jane Guilder (US)Astrostory
Thank you Miri for the detailed reading, very insightful. I can relate to many things described in the document and am sure that I will learn more and more as I come back to it. Have a great day! Kind Regards Prakash
Hello, thank you for the Astrostory sent. It's incredible how you so precisely hit on my character. Unfortunately for me, I often got to know myself via the failed variants as well. It also  made me pursue what I needed to fix in my life and do this in a completely different way than I've done so far. I appreciate your work and thank you.
Mari BaalAstrostory

Avoid relationship failures

You are constantly stumbling from one failed relationship to another and failing to find a suitable partner for a long-term relationship. An individual Ideal Partner Analysis can change that forever!

According to your astrological radix, your preferences by age, three birth dates of a potential, ideal partner with whom you have a chance to build a mutually fulfilling, long-term relationship will be calculated and determined. The resulting congruence will be in excess of a minimum of 80%

You will get three specific dates of potential partners with whom you should find it easy and harmonious to interact.

+ A range of at least three birth date periods of potential partners. The resulting congruence will be at least in excess of the minimum 70%. 

 You will also receive a graphical evaluation of your level of understanding, and a verbal evaluation of your partners - their temperament rating.

Delivered in PDF by e-mail.

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Rebirth your happiness

It's the perfect tool for personal development. It will reveal your true individual desires, needs and what you should change in order to live a full and happy life, including relationships. It will provide an extraordinary, profound knowledge of who you are and who you can become. It describes hidden potential at all psychological levels of your personality. It will analyze your consciousness, subconscious, rationality, emotionality and your side of self-realization. You can have the Astrostrory prepared not only for yourself, but also for people close to you who are interested in the above information. 

The length is guaranteed to be within the range of 12 - 20 pages.
Delivered in PDF by e-mail.

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I feel intense satisfaction for those I have been able to enlighten and direct towards a better life...

How does Astrostory differ from other types of horoscopes?

This very deep, individual Astrostory is mainly a story about you that brings profound understanding of who you really are, what will bring you happiness and fulfillment and where you may have failed. It is valid not only for the present. Although it is not an attempted prediction of what may happen in the future, (like traditional horoscopes), it will be relevant for your whole life. It's about the understanding that you can become master of your present and your future - an understanding of what you have in your hands and how to use it.

Astropsychology through Astrostory gives you this amazing tool!

Who can benefit from an Astrostory?

Astrostory is a valuable and useful tool to implement for anyone! I have prepared thousands of analyses for a variety of cultures and social standings.  People from all walks of life can benefit by ordering their personalized analysis.  Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, entrepreneur or a celebrity, Astrostory is designed to create personal understanding of self so that you can live your best life.

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